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        Linear Motor Driven Actuator


Linear Voice Coil Motor Driven Actuator
item #: LMA-051-064-01-26

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Specifications in PDF

Linear Motor Actuator

Range of Motion: 1.2 (30.5 mm) Max
Positioning Resolution: 0.0010" (26 microns)
Continuous Force: 6.4 lb (28.4 N) at 36 Watts
Intermittent Force: 20.2 lbs (89.9 N) at 10% duty cycle at 360 Watts

The Linear Motor Actuator is used in positioning applications where high speed and high accuracy are required. The actuator may be used in the following industries; Semiconductor, Disk Drive, Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Optical, Test and Manufacturing.

The Linear Motor Actuators do not need commutation. The non-commuted motor construction increases reliability. The direct coupling of the motor to the load allows for fast acceleration / deceleration and high speed operation.

Each actuator is integrated with quadrature position sensor, inner limit, outer limit, home switch and built-in differential line driver for the quadrature position sensor.

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