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        Linear Three Phase Brushless Motor


Magnetic Track, Linear Three Phase Brushless Motor
item #: LBM-032-057-243-01

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1 piece: $1,551.20   
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Specifications in PDF

Magnetic Track for LBIM-032-XX Linear 3 Phase DC Motor
Length= 9.55 Inches (242.6 mm)
Height= 2.25 Inches (57.2 mm)
Width= 1.25 Inches (31.8 mm)
Weight= 5.6 Lb (2.54 Kg)

This product needs to be used with a forcer:
LBF-032-048-081-01, LBF-032-048-161-01, LBF-032-048-241-01 or LBF-032-048-321-01.

Mounting hardware in various lengths and styles is available and may be obtained at

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