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        Linear DC Motor with Internal Bearing


Linear Voice Coil Motor with Internal Shaft and Bearing
item #: GVCM-025-029-01

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All Values at 25C
Intermittent Force at 10% Duty Cycle = 57.5 Oz (16.0 N)
Continuous Force = 18.2 Oz (5.1 N)
Force Constant = 13.5 Oz/A (3.75 N/A)
Back EMF Constant = 0.10 V/IN/S (3.75 V/M/S)
Stroke = 0.625 IN (15.9 mm)
Coil Clearance Per Side = 0.015 IN (0.38 mm)
Coil Assembly Mass = 0.95 Oz (27 GR)
Body Mass = 2.75 Oz (78 GR)
Coil Resistance = 4.9 Ohms
Coil Inductance at 1000 Hz = 1.6 mH
Maximum Continuous Power = 9.0 W
Maximum Total Shaft Side Load = 7.2 Oz (2 N)
Linear Bearing type: Plain Bushing
Mounting hardware in various lengths and styles is available and may be obtained at

Linear DC Motors, Voice Coil Motors (VCM) or Voice Coil Actuators (VCA) are the simplest type of electric motors. These motors consist of two separate parts; the magnetic housing and the coil. Applying a voltage across the terminals of the motor causes the motor to move to one direction. Reversing the polarity of the applied voltage will move the motor to the opposite direction. The generated force is proportional to the current that flows through the motor coil. This force is almost constant in the specified stroke range of the motor.

Voice coil motors do not need commutation and using a position sensor, positioning accuracies of less than one micron or 0.00004 inches are achievable.

The non-commuted motor construction increases reliability. The direct coupling of the motor to the load allows for fast acceleration / deceleration and high speed operation.

These motors are supplied with internal linear bearings and shaft.

This motor may be used in conjunction with a position sensor and a motion controller for accurate positioning.
For proper heat sinking the motor may need to be installed on a metallic body.

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