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Servo Motor Driver, DC and Brushless
item #: 510-01

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This series of drivers is a high performance, cost effective servo motor driver to implement intelligent motion control. The driver incorporates an advanced architecture and surface mount technology to achieve an exceptional power density.

This series is designed to drive voice coil, brush-type and brushless DC motors at a high switching frequency. They receive step and direction signals or analog signal from motion controller.

Runs DC and Brushless Servo Motors
Four Quadrant Regenerative Operation
Space Vector Modulation (SVM) Technology
Fully Digital State-of-the-art Design
Programmable Current, Velocity and Position Loops Gain Settings
Fully Configurable Current, Voltage, Position Limits
PIDF Velocity Loop
PID + FF Position Loop
Up to 12 Amp Motor Output
+20 VDC to +80 VDC Input Voltage
Protected Against Over Current
Built-in Signal Generator, Sinusoidal, Square Wave and Triangular
20 KHz PWM Frequency
No Tachometer Feedback Needed
0 șC to 70 șC Operating Temperature
Modular 2-Piece Power, Motor, Signal Connector

Modes of Operation

Command Source
Encoder Following
±10 V Analog
Opto-isolated Step and Direction

Feedback Supported
Hall Effect Sensor
Incremental Encoder
±10 V Analog
Auxiliary Incremental Encoder

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