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Servo Motor Driver, DC, Single Axis
item #: 1200-01

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This series of drivers is a high performance, cost effective servo motor driver to implement intelligent motion control.

This series is designed to drive voice coil and brush-type DC motors at a high switching frequency. It receives step and direction signals or analog signal from an external source such as a motion controller or PLC device.

Drives DC Servo Motors
Fully Digital State-of-the-art Design
Programmable Current, Velocity and Position Loops Gain Settings
Fully Configurable Current, Voltage, Position Limits
Up to 12 Amps Peak, 6 Amps Continuous Motor Output
Up to 3 Axes of Independent Servo Motor Control
Protected Against Over Current •Built-in Signal Generator, Sinusoidal, Square Wave and Triangular
20 KHz PWM Frequency
0 șC to 50 șC Operating Temperature
Includes +24 VDC and USB to RS-232 Cable

Modes of Operation
Current Control
Velocity Control
Position Control

Command Sources
±10 V Analog Signal
Step and Direction Signals

Feedback Supported
Quadrature Incremental Encoder

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